Success: AFI L&C Breaks Multiple Income Records!

Our Leasing & Collections team has been putting in an immense amount of effort this quarter that culminated in record-breaking accomplishments at several AFI assets.

Over the trailing three months, 11 AFI properties achieved new T-3 Top Line Income Records! These new records equated to over $20,000 in additional income for 2019 versus 2018.

This in itself would have been a tremendous accomplishment; however, we did not stop there. In addition to setting 11 new T-3 Income Records, another six (6) assets achieved new Monthly Income Records for May!

This was not done overnight and was accomplished through the development of robust procedures by our L&C team, and flawless execution by our Onsite Staff.

We look forward to developing new/improving upon current processes in order to replicate this kind of success as our portfolio continues to grow!

Colin CosbySuccess: AFI L&C Breaks Multiple Income Records!