AFI Manager Spotlight! – July 2021

AFI, LLC is a nationwide operator of multifamily apartment communities. Our Vision is to PROSPER ALL STAKEHOLDERS. Who/What is a “Stakeholder?”

We believe a stakeholder to be anyone that has an apparent, or subliminal investment in the property. Residents, employees, owners, neighbors, police and fire departments are just a few examples of a local stakeholder.

AFI Manager, Brisa, has been working at a managed-asset on the East Coast for over six months. In the short time Brisa has managed the property, we have seen a steady increase in occupancy and total income all while managing onsite improvement projects as well!

Read on to learn more about Brisa’s experience with AFI and some of the challenges she had to overcome when taking over a new asset:

  1. How do you balance a personal connection with your tenants while still laying down the law to maintain a disciplined property?

​I try to have a very relaxed and down to earth interaction with prospects and residents. I try to make them feel heard and strive to earn their trust while always having a personal AND professional vested interest and obligation to make them happy and comfortable living here. This includes always being available for questions, queries, and concerns and being prompt at addressing those with them. 

2. What has been your favorite improvement at the asset?

There are still a lot of asset improvements that are underway but at this point in time, the marketing and rentability of our units is probably the major improvement here thus far.  

3. In your opinion, what is the hardest part about being a property manager, and how do you manage that?

I would say that being a property manager in this environment and at this type of property is extremely demanding. The hardest thing is having to uncover problems that need extensive solutions which require a quick mind and execution. Although days can be long, it is rewarding to have this type of opportunity and challenge. 

4. What are some tips for other property managers to make your tenants feel most at home on your property?

​A spotless clean apartment to move into as well as a prompt, professional, and kind property manager is a recipe for success. 

5. What has been your favorite part of working with AFI, and what has been your least favorite? 

My favorite part of working with the AFI Team has been overcoming obstacles and challenges. I believe that I have turned my property around quite a bit in the six months I have been here and I am entering a new phase that will present new challenges but I look forward to the end result. My least favorite thing is sometimes having longer than usual hours which can make balancing work/home life challenging. That will soon improve though since I am putting a lot of work now to reap bigger rewards later. 

Brisa’s effectiveness on property may not be better demonstrated than through the work she has done improving the property Google rating from a 1.0 at takeover, to currently 4.6! We are confident Brisa has her sights set on being a BLUE Property!

Colin CosbyAFI Manager Spotlight! – July 2021