October Quarterly Maintenance!

October is officially here! What are you most looking forward to?

  • Changing colors of the trees?
  • Cooler temperatures?
  • Halloween & Candy?

What about Quarterly Maintenance??

October tends to be the month where we “begin” the holiday season as Thanksgiving and Christmas time seem like they are right around the corner! As excitement begins to build, it can be easy to forget about something as important as quarterly maintenance.

So, where do we start? What differentiates an item to be serviced both as needed, and on a recurring schedule? provides a great list below of a just a few examples of items generally included in a quarterly maintenance checklist (Bullock, 2021):

  1. Gutter Maintenance – By properly cleaning gutters, you’ll avoid damage to the siding and foundation of your rental from gutter overflow.
  2. Check the Dryer – The main culprit of dryer fires is lint buildup! Be sure residents are well-informed of the dangers and educated to prevent unnecessary damage.
  3. Service the Septic System – Regular plumbing can help control scum that can clog drains and create many different issues.
  4. HVAC Maintenance – Cleaning or changing air filters is vital for ensuring air quality and performance of the entire system.
  5. Inspect and Clean the Chimney and Fireplace – Chimney’s should be inspected once per year. Fireplace maintenance is a critical safety, energy, and maintenance issue!

AFI managed-assets follow a “work-order” system to ensure that these critical items do not get missed. Managers and maintenance teams are alerted as to when quarterly maintenance items are coming due and held accountable to mark “Completed” with notes/applicable photos once an item has been addressed.

To learn more about quarterly maintenance, other services provided by AFI, and employment opportunities feel free to contact us directly!


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