AFI Accounting Innovation!

Here at AFI, we pride ourselves on developing robust processes that not only address current issues, but are also flexible enough to adapt to anomalies that may arise.

Evidence of our prowess in creating such processes is possibly no more apparent than in our Accounting Department.

In October of 2017, our team began recording any accounting-related issue that could not be resolved in an eight hour work day as an “Accounting Ticket.” At close of business on that day in October, AFI reported having 150 open Accounting Tickets.

At the time, clearing out these items may have seemed like an impossible task. Once this task was completed, it was imperative that the proper systems were in place to ensure an issue of this magnitude did not occur again.

As of close of business yesterday, June 20th, AFI reported only 11 open Accounting Tickets! An almost 93% reduction that was achieved through INNOVATION, one of AFI’s Core Values.

Way to go, AFI Accounting!

Colin CosbyAFI Accounting Innovation!
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