To Prosper All Stakeholders


To exceed client expectations by providing unrivaled deal sourcing, underwriting and asset management services for multifamily properties throughout the United States

Core Values

EXCELLENCE through Accountability, Collaboration, Efficiency, Innovation, Integrity, Perseverance

  • AFI has the knowledge and team spirit that brings all projects to a successful completion. Their cooperation and communication clearly sets them apart from the rest.

    Paul Daemen
    Paul Daemen CCIM, CIPS, Plaza Real Estate, Inc.
  • AFI took a badly performing asset and turned it into what I had hoped for when I purchased it. I wish I had hired AFI from the beginning.

    Rick Paul
    Rick Paul Owner, KKC Consolidated Management, LLC
  • For the first time in the 4-year history of my property, we brought our AR down to $0, and we only had one vacant unit. I have never seen this in my property’s history. This is what I call money in the bank.

    Corey Peterson
    Corey Peterson Owner, Kahuna Investments
  • In my twenty years of experience at the Northeast Ohio Apartment Association, I have never witnessed such a complete and positive remake of an inner-city apartment building, like the one I witnessed at Lake Park Tower, located in East Cleveland.

    Ralph McGreevy
    Ralph McGreevy Executive Vice President, Northeast Ohio Apartment Association
  • Alexander Forrest worked closely with me and the lender to evaluate and begin an extensive capital repair plan... AFI identified so many leaks we might have saved millions of gallons of water per year.

    James R. Myers
    James R. Myers Court Appointed Receiver, Ingelwood Associates, LLC

Our services

Alexander Forrest Investments is an expert in the acquisition, development, financing and operations of real estate projects, with focus upon improving communities through multi-family property repositions.

Property Operations

Leasing, Retention, Collections, Facility Management, 3rd Party Services

Employment Services

Employee Hiring, Human Resources Management

Accounting & Compliance

Cash Management, Monthly Reconciliations, Financial Reporting

Construction & Renovation

Vertical/New Construction, Renovation, Repairs & Utility Conservation

Our Passion

Increasing the income and value of our client’s assets.

  1. Set Goals and Expectations
    Income Goals, Rent Goals, Ownership Involvement
  2. Create Asset Plan
    Tenant Quality Increase, Marketing Strategy, Property Updates, Construction Plan
  3. Execute
    Complete Construction, Increase Rents, Decrease Expenses, Unit Refreshes, Online Leases and Payments
  4. Evaluate
    Transparent Weekly Reporting, Comprehensive Monthly Reporting, Calls with Ownership, Evaluate Goals and Expectations

Property Manager Goals

Our property managers are incentivized to produce…

Project Life Cycle

  1. Identification & Acquisition
    Financial Analysis Spreadsheet (FAS), Comprehensive Site Visit (CSV)
  2. Closing
    Consultant Opinion Report (i.e. due diligence), Contract, Financing, Cancellation, Closing Fees
  3. Incorporation/Renovation
    Closing, Software Setup, Insurance, Property Tax Appeal, RUBS, Dusk to Dawn, Low Flow, Compliance Fees
  4. Stabilization
    Marketing, HR, Leasing, Incentive Staff, Quarterly Maintenance Fees
  5. Permanent Financing & Exit Strategy
    Accounting Analysis, Permanent Financing vs. Sale Fee

2-6-20 Client Services

Acquisition Process – 2%

Using your goals and investment objectives, AFI creates a client-to-property matching profile and proceeds with the acquisition process as follows:

  1. Identification & Financial Analysis (FAS)
  2. Comprehensive Site Visit (CSV)
  3. Letter of Intent (LOI)
  4. Purchase Agreement (PSA)
  5. Due Diligence (DD) & 3rd Party Inspections
  6. FAS Finalized
  7. Final Contract Negotiations
  8. Acquisition

When a property closes, AFI is paid 2% of the contract closing price (not a commission) for performance during acquisition.

Service Agreement – 6%

Once the property is operational, the client pays for the on-site costs (i.e. the property manager, any on-site staff, maintenance, etc.). Alexander Forrest Investments provides operational support including:

  1. Accounting services, bookkeeping
  2. Leasing and collections
  3. Compliance, insurance, and litigation
  4. Ordering/procurement of materials
  5. Asset operations strategy

AFI’s operational consulting and support services are provided at 6% of the gross monthly income from the property.

Returns & Profits – 80/20

After the client has realized an annual 12% return on investment, AFI shares in an 80/20 split on earnings in excess of 12%. We do not split earnings until the client has reached a 12% return threshold.

For example, if a client invests $1 million in a property, the first $120,000 in profit per year goes directly to the client. Any annual earnings exceeding $120,000 would then be split 80% client, 20% AFI.

Our experience

We have worked with clients in over 20 states.

We can help you earn more.

Our team

Since 1989, the employee owners of Alexander Forrest Investments have been adding value to assets by providing outstanding guidance through asset qualification and acquisition, new construction (commercial and residential), asset rehabilitation/renovation, asset disposition, (re)financing, and procurement.

Case studies

We put all our 32 years of design experience into every project. Take a look at some of our case studies.

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