AFI Manager Achieves Blue Property Status!

May was a great month for several members of our AFI family, especially Property Manager, Dan Clark!

Long days and hard work truly paid off for Dan as his asset was awarded the Blue Property Designation!

Being a Blue Property is an extremely prestigious honor to AFI, as these Managers have to achieve the following items:

  1. 100% Leased Occupancy
  2. All lost renewal units are pre-leased a minimum of 30 days in advance
  3. Manager has collected a minimum of 99% of all outstanding items on the Income Statement
  4. Manager has achieved his/her monthly renewal goal
  5. Property Google Rating is above 4.75/5.00
  6. Property has maintained a minimum 3% Year-Over-Year income increase

We look forward to Dan continuing his success and are eager to replicate this kind of excellence across our entire portfolio!

Colin CosbyAFI Manager Achieves Blue Property Status!