How to Move This Summer.

Weather, school, and work relocation are just a few of the reasons why we see nearly 40 million Americans move every year (Heath, 2017)! Per a recent AFI blog post, we know that it is likely approximately half of these moves will occur between the months of May and August.

With so many people moving every year, one might assume this means that the moving process is an enjoyable one for most, right? Not necessarily! A recent survey of 2,000 people reported that six of every 10 people cited moving as their most stressful life event ahead even of divorce/break-up (Neal, 2018).

Given the statistics, there is a relatively high probability for someone reading this that they are either currently or planning to make a move this summer. Again, the statistics indicate that this same person is likely experiencing some stress about the process. Fortunately, has provided some tips and tricks to help alleviate some of the moving stress (Pirulis, 2020):

  1. I Need Boxes! – While readily available at most office supply stores, consider reaching out local grocery stores and retailers for a cheaper alternative.
  2. Do I, Do I, Would I? – Three questions to ask when considering keeping or tossing various items during a move. If the answer to any of the following is NO, it is likely time to free up some space!
    • Do I use This?
    • Do I Like This?
    • Would I Miss This?
  3. So Much to Do, Such Little Time! – Consider beginning to pack at least two weeks before your schedule move date. You never know what last-minute items may come up!
  4. General Packing Tips:
    • Use soft/malleable materials such as dish towels and t-shirts as “packing support” when boxing up fragile items.
    • Heavy = Small. Always pack heavy items such as books in small boxes to make it easy to carry.
    • Number or label your boxes. This is especially helpful when hiring movers as it allows them to place everything in the area it needs to go so you can unpack right away!

We have all heard the saying, “If they jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” Well, just because so many individuals move every year does not mean everyone should. Check out another AFI blog post to learn more about the benefits and considerations of renewing at your current property!


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Colin CosbyHow to Move This Summer.