Success: AFI L&C Breaks Multiple Income Records!

Our Leasing & Collections team has been putting in an immense amount of effort this quarter that culminated in record-breaking accomplishments at several AFI assets.

Over the trailing three months, 11 AFI properties achieved new T-3 Top Line Income Records! These new records equated to over $20,000 in additional income for 2019 versus 2018.

This in itself would have been a tremendous accomplishment; however, we did not stop there. In addition to setting 11 new T-3 Income Records, another six (6) assets achieved new Monthly Income Records for May!

This was not done overnight and was accomplished through the development of robust procedures by our L&C team, and flawless execution by our Onsite Staff.

We look forward to developing new/improving upon current processes in order to replicate this kind of success as our portfolio continues to grow!

Colin CosbySuccess: AFI L&C Breaks Multiple Income Records!
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AFI WOWS Insurance Inspector!

A Texas-based asset managed by AFI, LLC recently received glowing accolades during a quarterly insurance inspection.

We at AFI pride ourselves on being able to provide clean, safe, and friendly communities to residents and visitors alike. This kind of welcoming environment was exactly what awaited our insurance inspector when he arrived to the property.

Our onsite team deserves a great deal of praise for ensuring such a wonderful visit, and continuing to uphold the AFI Standard of Excellence!

Colin CosbyAFI WOWS Insurance Inspector!
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AFI Celebrated for 100% Compliance!

This week, AFI was recognized as one of very few companies to achieve 100% Grace Hill compliance across all learners!

Grace Hill is an industry leading Property Management training platform that specializes in educating employees on topics such as changes in federal law, leasing/marketing strategies, and even property maintenance items.

It is a requirement for all AFI Corporate, and Onsite Staff to maintain 100% Grace Hill compliance at all times. The importance of this training cannot be stressed enough as keeping up to date with assigned courses allows all of our team members to not only improve his or her own skills, but also understand how to follow ever-changing government regulations.

Follow the link below to share in our excitement:

Thank you, Grace Hill, for providing such an excellent service and continuing to assist AFI in the fulfillment of our mission to Prosper All Stakeholders!

Colin CosbyAFI Celebrated for 100% Compliance!
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AFI Manager Achieves Blue Property Status!

May was a great month for several members of our AFI family, especially Property Manager, Dan Clark!

Long days and hard work truly paid off for Dan as his asset was awarded the Blue Property Designation!

Being a Blue Property is an extremely prestigious honor to AFI, as these Managers have to achieve the following items:

  1. 100% Leased Occupancy
  2. All lost renewal units are pre-leased a minimum of 30 days in advance
  3. Manager has collected a minimum of 99% of all outstanding items on the Income Statement
  4. Manager has achieved his/her monthly renewal goal
  5. Property Google Rating is above 4.75/5.00
  6. Property has maintained a minimum 3% Year-Over-Year income increase

We look forward to Dan continuing his success and are eager to replicate this kind of excellence across our entire portfolio!

Colin CosbyAFI Manager Achieves Blue Property Status!
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Welcome Aboard, Amanda!

Please join us in welcoming the newest member of our AFI Team, Amanda Beard!

Amanda is a Property Management Veteran with over 20 years’ experience in the industry previously working in Student, Military, and Multifamily Housing.

We are confident that Amanda will prove to be a valuable addition to our Leasing & Collections Department and are excited to see the positive impact she will have on occupancy, renewals, and brand awareness.

Welcome to AFI, Amanda!

Colin CosbyWelcome Aboard, Amanda!
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Safety is NOT an Amenity.

Through AFI’s management, we have successfully reduced 911 traffic at a North Carolina based asset by 40% over the last three years!

When choosing a place to live, AFI believes that safety should be a top priority. This is exactly why we take so much pride in providing safe, clean, and affordable housing to 100% of our residents in over 4000 units all across the country!

Colin CosbySafety is NOT an Amenity.
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Memorial Day – 2019

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!

AFI would like to commemorate these brave individuals in our own organization for their service to our country.


Colin CosbyMemorial Day – 2019
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Employee Celebration – May

AFI would like to congratulate Manager, Brandon Bailey, for his recent excellence on property! Brandon joined the AFI team over a year ago and has managed a Georgia-based asset since March of 2018.

May has been a calendar month for Brandon as he continues to maintain 100% occupancy at the asset and recently achieved his monthly renewal goal with time to spare.

Additionally, Brandon oversaw the completion of all Property Improvement Projects in less than 14 months while being almost $20,000 UNDER budget!

Brandon has proven to be a valuable member of our team and we are looking forward to his continued success in the future!

Colin CosbyEmployee Celebration – May
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AFI Employee Appreciation – May

AFI would like to introduce, Brian Kelly, our Business Development and Operations Specialist! Brian is a proud University of Georgia Bulldog that has been with AFI for over two years.

Brian started with AFI operating an asset in Georgia before taking on additional responsibilities at the corporate level. Now, Brian assists with and oversees several different facets of our business including Manager mentoring, due diligence inspections, and completion of capital improvement projects.

Thanks for all of your hard work and commitment to our team, Brian!

Colin CosbyAFI Employee Appreciation – May
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Mizzou Students Awarded Internship Opportunities with AFI!

AFI is proud to welcome our newest additions to the team, Jake Heyen and Jacob Resnick! Jake and Jacob are both currently sophomores at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Jake is a dual Business Administration and Statistics major with an emphasis in Finance, and will be assuming the role as Accounting Intern with AFI later this summer.

Jacob is pursuing his Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. Jacob will be working alongside our Leasing and Collections team as a Marketing Intern.

Both of these talented individuals had to endure a rigorous interview process to receive an offer, and we are very proud to welcome them both as members of our team!

Colin CosbyMizzou Students Awarded Internship Opportunities with AFI!
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